Oncology ( also called cancer) is a group of tumors that make up the cells of the skin and mucous membranes. Another name, sarcoma, refers to malignant tumors of muscles, bone tissue, and also fats in the fiber. These tumors tend to metastasize and take root in normal tissues of organs.

The field of oncology has 3 major areas based on treatments:

Medical oncology

Medical oncology is a department that provides cancer treatment with medication, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

Radiation oncology

Radiation oncology is a department that provides ionizing radiation for the treatment of malignant diseases, studies the effects of radiation, the behavior of tumors, and conducts education and research on these issues.

Surgical oncology

Surgical oncology is a department that treats cancer surgically, including the removal of the tumor and nearby tissues during surgery. This type of surgeon may also take biopsies to help diagnose cancer.